31 Aug 2018

The Best Short Term Investments To Protect Your Money

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Typically short-term investment is expected to grow for several months to a few years, and can be turned into cash in future after they reach maturity. In the investing world, “long term” investments are really long term investments. But short term investments are those investments which are done for only few years to get your amount back with good rate of interest.
Investments are considered as the synonyms of the word real estate investment. Great real estate investments give good amount of return in future and are considered to be the safest investment option in the country. Dreamz Infra Ventures is a company which helps and guides people in investing process. This company also helps the customers to invest in real estate projects for good future returns.
There are various short-term investment options available, you can choose it accordingly.

1. Peer to Peer Lending: Lending Club

Peer-to-peer or lending club lending websites allow investors to broaden their investment portfolio by spreading out the investments and reducing their risk.

2. Online Savings Accounts

Online saving accounts is one of the best short-term investment options in India. Want to guarantee your investment will not lose any money while at the same time generating a little bit of a return?

3. Cash Back Rewards Offers

If you really want to earn some easy money in the short-term, Johnson says “credit card rewards can offer epic returns with almost no effort on your part.”

 4. Certificate of Deposits (CD)

Banks offer a variety of terms for their deposit accounts which starts from 3 months to 5 years. Which Certificate of Deposits will work best for you depend on your timeline and for how much time you want your investment out of your hands?

5. Money Market Account

Money Markets are currently paying a very close APY to one year CD’s. Money Market accounts are one of the most popular short term investments in India. You can float your money in the market to earn small profits or interests.

6. Online Checking Accounts

Just like online savings accounts, an online checking account can also serve short-term investment needs for you. You get many of the benefits of an online savings account by getting good amount of interest and returns.

7. Short-Term Bond Funds and ETFs

Short-term bond funds are products that are usually only managed by a professional financial advisor. Short term bond funds are one of the best short-term investment option in India.


24 Aug 2018

Best Reasons Why To Invest In Property In The City Of Lucknow

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Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh has become an emerging city of real estate investment of Uttar Pradesh. As the capital of the biggest state, Lucknow has all the amenities and facilities for all to buy property and live here in Lucknow.  Lucknow has transformed into real estate hub and hotspot for the best property investments. A very rapid development is taking place in Lucknow especially in the real estate sector. Many future projects are knocking on the doors of Lucknow by the state and central government.

If you want to buy property in Lucknow, don’t wait for the rate of the property to get increased just grab the opportunity. Many wise investors buy properties in Lucknow to get maximum profit from their investments. There are many famous real estate companies which are serving the needs of many and among them the best property investment company is Dreamz Infra Ventures. There are various reasons and centre of attraction to invest in property in Lucknow, which are given as under;

International Stadium

The International cricket stadium is being constructed on Shaheed Path in Gomti Nagar Extension and it is expected to be matching ready by 2017 beginning. It is one of the main centres of attraction. It has the capacity of more than 50,000 audiences.

Lucknow Metro

Lucknow Metro is being constructed in the city with full fledged. It is the main centre of attractions in the city. It spreads from Amausi Airport to Munshi Pulia, Indira Nagar. Metro is running from Transport Nagar to Charbagh Railway station and still the projects are under construction.

Agra–Lucknow Expressway

Agra – Lucknow Expressway is the longest and the fastest Greenfield expressway in India which is 308-km long. It connects the state capital to the city of Taj and brings Delhi closer. If you are currently living in Delhi, don’t bother to book your Holi ticket through rail, road trip will be a better option.

Gomti Riverfront

Though the original plan of Gomti Riverfront is revised now. According to people related to development of Gomti Riverfront, a new low cost planned might be passed for the completion of work, once the investigation under riverfront scam is completed.


Lucknow’s Connaught Place is soon to open near Shaheed Path, the 56 acre ultra-chic shopping-cum-multi functional hub, will have some biggest brands of the world. So all the shopaholic’s its time so save money!!!

IT City and Growing Start-up Ecosystem

No more going out to different cities, HCL is developing the IT city in Lucknow and it will be inaugurated in 2017. They have already started a training program to hire young enthusiastic people of Lucknow. Also, the Start-up growth in Lucknow is going strong. The Uttar Pradesh Government’s start-up policy is encouraging young minds to start working here itself. Trendsetterz, Purplehide, Ziffy are some of the famous start-ups from Lucknow.


17 Aug 2018

Reasons For The Rapid Growth In Real Estate Investments

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The real estate sector has helped the investors to contribute greatly in the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. It makes the economy strong too and is believed to be the second largest sector that has been offering employment to the people of India. The real estate investment has increased jobs at various levels to the people from different fields. Real estate consultants and the buyers or the property lovers initially have to consider various things before selecting and finalizing the deal of the property and buying of any property.

Economic factors decide the decrease and increase in the real estate investments of any state or country. Real estate investment is the best investment option which ensures possibility of giving good return. Real estate has become the most popular investment of recent times. It gives options of investment with huge returns. The investors must look into his budget and his financial limits before buying of any property. Dreamz Group is serving its clients in suggesting various options of investments in the city. There are various reasons why real estate investment is booming? These reasons are listed as under;
1. Increase in Population 
Due to increase in population in the country the need for land or housing has increased rapidly.  As the population growth is high in the country, the need for residential and commercial property is increasing. 
2. Changing Migration Pattern 
The change in the migration pattern or migrating from one place to another in search of job or employment results in the increase in demand in the property or land. This is one of the main reasons why real estate investment is booming. 
3. Investment with good return
Real estate investment is that form of investment with good returns. It is the safest form of investment in today’s world which gives you good amount of return. In the last two decades or from last 20 years the real estate investments have reached to its maximum. Especially during the last ten years in the country the investment in property is more due to the good return from it. The value of the property increases very fast within a year itself. That is why more people invested in the property rather than depositing in the bank. 
4. Growth and Development 
Due to increase in the growth and development process people from villages and towns are migrating towards the developed cities so as to get all the amenities of the city. The migration generates the need and requirement for the land or property; therefore they have to purchase or invest in the real estate. 
5. Miscellaneous factors
There are so many other factors which have also played a major role in the increase in real estate investment in the country. Education, Health, Roads, Employment, etc are also one of the main factors affecting the real estate boom. 
But, before investing one should consult with the property experts in the market. The best name in this business is Dreamz Infra Ventures who is serving the needs of so many clients from last 5 years.    


16 Aug 2018

How To Invest In Property Without A Down Payment?

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When it comes to the biggest and the most desired goal in life, there is one dream that which everyone dreams about– having a house or property of our own.
In India, only 69% urban households own a house, according to the Census 2011. Rest of the percentage remains houseless. If you don’t own a house there’s nothing to worry about. Nowadays housing finance has become more affordable with the introduction of amazing housing schemes by the Government of India such as PMAY i.e. Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna through which you can fulfil your dream. You can attain your goal of owning a house or property through this scheme but the question here is how to invest in property without a down payment? 
Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna scheme the home loan interest rates are starting from as low as 8.35% at the present moment which converts the dream of owning a home or a property for many Indian households. Through this PMAY scheme you can reduce your burden further. You can buy a house under PMAY scheme to get a subsidy of up to 2.67 Lakhs which is a good relaxation amount from the Indian Government. Dreamz group is the company which suggests and guides those who are interested in buying property.

What if we tell you can buy your own house without arranging for down payment from your pocket?

Here are some ways through which you can do so:  
  • Pay your cash down amount with an unsecured loan
If possible, make sure you get a pre-sanctioned or pre-approved Home Loan before finalizing the property you want to purchase. Doing this will help you analyze how much amount you will be provided by the bank you’ve applied with. Once you know the exact amount bank will be offering, you can take an unsecured loan such as a Personal Loan or a Business Loan to make down payment for your Home Loan.
  • Use home loan for furniture & fixtures
Looking at the above case, the value of the property you want to purchase is 30 Lakhs, and the bank is ready to provide 90% (27 Lakhs) funding on the market value of your property. However, there is an alternative for you. If the market value of the concerned property allows, you can get more funding from banks as furniture’s and fixtures cost. So, in this particular case, you can avail a Home Loan of 3 Lakhs as furniture’s and fixtures cost and use it to take down payment. 


11 Aug 2018

Change In The Real Estate Business In Last Few Years In Lucknow

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Lucknow real estate has seen a drastic change in the last 15 years. Lucknow real estate market has grown very fast in last 2 decade. Property price in Lucknow are increasing rapidly from last many years. Many developments in the city have taken place which is making it a big metro city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. 

There are many residential properties for sale in Lucknow which are available for those who want to invest in the property. The growth and development of Lucknow in the last few years which are given as under;

  1. Lucknow is the capital city of the fourth largest Indian state and is one of the fastest growing cities in India. With burgeoning manufacturing, commercial and retail segments, it has become a preferred real estate destination. 

  2. It is estimated that the Lucknow residential real estate market is driven by a 60:40 mix of investors and end users respectively. The preference for plots is relatively higher in comparison to residential units, but currently the availability of plots is low in Lucknow as the Lucknow Development Authority (LDA) and Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board have been developing residential units.

  3. The most sought after segment in terms of demand in the Lucknow real estate market is the end-user driven segment for ready-to-move-in residential units in the price bracket of INR 30 – 50 lacs. 

  4. Major upcoming projects such as the Lucknow Metro, IT City being developed by HCL Technologies, Indian Institute of Information and Technology (Lucknow) and the 1,000-bed Medanta - Awadh super-specialty hospital will be further strengthening the city’s real estate potential.

  5. Our analysis indicates that the maximum supply and absorption in the Lucknow market falls in the price bracket of INR 3,000 – 4,000/sq. ft. and the most active configuration in terms of both new launches and absorption for the residential units has been the 3-BHK segment.

  6. Old Lucknow was established during the 'Nawab' era and is typically dotted with old cramped developments. However, New Lucknow which has emerged only a few decades ago, is replete with planned development and adequate social infrastructure. 

  7. The market is driven by bureaucrats, politicians, government officials, private sector employees and original inhabitants of Lucknow, who have now migrated outside, yet wish to have a base in Lucknow. Huge demand also flows in from surrounding cities on account of aspirations to enjoy better amenities and opportunities. 

  8. The realty market of Lucknow has been witnessing robust real estate activity along Shaheed Path which lies between Kanpur Road and Faizabad Road. It is flanked by the active micro-markets of Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar Extension, Vrindavan Yojna, 3500-acres Ansal-API township Sushant Golf City etc. The city's radial expansion has given way to new growth corridors on the real estate development map, especially along the highways that connect with the neighbouring cities of Kanpur, Rae Bareli, Hardoi, Sitapur, Faizabad and Sultanpur. 

  9. While locations in Central Lucknow such as Mall Avenue and Jopling Road are old prime zones offering properties in the price range of INR 6,000 - 8,500/sq. ft. Vibhuti Khand and Gomti Nagar extension are the new micro-markets witnessing real estate activity with residential units lying in the price bracket of INR 3,500 - 6,000/sq. ft. 

  10. The organized retail market activity has paced-up in the city, especially in the last few years. While MG Road and Hazratganj are the most prominent shopping high-streets in Lucknow, Aminabad and Chowk are typical old retail destinations famous for 'Chikankari' works of small-scale industries. 



05 Aug 2018

How to Invest In Property When You Don’t Have Much Money

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Some people may get confused that how can they invest in property when they don’t have much money or how to invest in property with little money? In many cases and in most of the time, you need much cash if you want to invest in any sort of investment projects. There are very few options available for all who want to invest in property with little money. There are many big real estate companies which guide you about the investment options such as, Dreamz Infra Ventures, one of the best real estate companies of the country. There are six main ways which can guide you and help you in doing that.

Here are the 6 ways to invest in property with little money, which are as follows;
Saving is very important need in your investment plan. One can do anything if he/she has saving in his/her account.  Saving aggressively is a must for investment in property with little amount or less money. 
You can borrow money against your home or any property. Some people choose to extend their mortgage to get the cash to invest in some different options. 
If you own your own home, you can earn a fixed amount of money or you can raise money. It will be your regular income, if you rent out your property. 
You can find a tenant through online options and through direct contact. You can also rent your house or property for some period of time, such as Monday to Friday or only on Sundays. Renting out your room or house gives you a fixed monthly income. 
Borrowing a deposit is also a useful step of investing in property with little amount.  You could take out a car loan, lie to the lender about what you're going to do with it, lie to your mortgage lender about where the deposit has come from, and get your deposit that way.
You can invest jointly with friends, family members or with strangers, etc. Investing together with all the above ones can always be helpful in investing in property with less money.
Starting a property business can give you good amount of money which can help you in future. Starting a property business can also help you in investing in property when you don’t have much money. 


03 Aug 2018

Best Reasons Why Real Estate Investment Is the Best Investment

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Real estate is the best investment option for so many reasons. One can get a good rate of returns, amazing tax benefits and real estate to build your wealth. Making money in real estate is quite easy according to the various reports. Real estate investment is always considered to be the most profitable investment option in today’s world. 
Many property investment advisors suggest that the real estate investment is the best investment option in the last ten years. Masses have invested in the property to get huge return from their investment. 
Here are the top five reasons which explain why real estate is the best investment options. 
1. Real estate provides better returns than the stock market
In real estate, your risk of loss is minimizes in the real estate investment by the length of time you hold your property. It grows accordingly with the growth in market. It surely increases with the increase in time. 
2. Real estate has a high tangible asset value
The value of your property remains forever with time.  Other investments can leave you with no asset or the value of the asset decreases, such as stocks, share, buying a car, etc. Real estate is only the investment which has a high tangible asset value. 
3. Real estate values will always increase over time
It is only the property whose rates increase with time. Sometimes, it takes slow growth and sometimes it takes a good hype. The longer you hold your property, the more money you will make in future. Real estate value increases with time and gives you a good return. Investing in real estate maximizes your money with the time. It never decreases if it is done wisely.  
4. An investment in real estate can also diversify your portfolio
If you've ever consulted with a property investment advisor about investing, then you must have known to all the major issues of real estate investment. You are very aware of the importance of diversification, if you have asked from any property expert. Diversification spreads out the risks factors. 
5. Real estate investing comes with numerous tax benefits
One of the best reasons of real estate investment to be the best is that you get tax deductions on mortgage interest, cash flow from investment properties, operating expenses and costs, property taxes, insurance and depreciation and many more.
An investment in real estate is the safest financial investment. It is also an investment that can provide happiness and priceless memories that will last for so long. 


30 Jul 2018

How To Become A Real Estate Agent

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Real estate of property business has increased with a high speed in recent times. Since last 10-15 years this business has seen a boom. Many of the real estate developers have earned huge profits in the business. Real estate in India was considered to be the best profitable business in the country before demonetization. After the demonetization, the real estate business is slow down. Real estate companies in Uttar Pradesh have also done well in providing residential properties to the property seekers. 
The state capital is also the best place in the state to invest in property. Real estate Companies in Lucknow are doing well in the property business. Real Estate Developers in Uttar Pradesh has earned huge number of profits in the business. Many agents in the property business have done marvelous job and have earned much from this business. Many of the people want to become a real estate agent. To become a real estate agent six main steps need to be followed. These six steps to become a real estate agent are described as under”
  1. Get Educated: The first and the foremost thing which is required is to get education. You must take pre-licensing courses related to the property business. However, it varies from state to state. You need to visit your state's real estate commission for your license. 
  2. Choose a Brokerage: A real estate agent has to choose for the real estate agency for brokerage, which is required in the business. Since working with a broker is a requirement in today’s property or real estate business.  
  3. Get Licensed: License is very must in this business too. Real estate licenses require the passing of state and national exams to do the business. In addition, you may have to provide a character certificate and that no criminal record is found.  
  4. Develop a Real Estate Agent Budget: Since real estate is a commission-based business, it requires budget for you too. Real estate budget is also an important requirement to become a real estate agent.  
  5. Make the Realtor/Real Estate Agent Decision: Real estate agent makes the decision of the realtor too. All the decision should lie with him. 
  6. Build Your Client/Referral Portfolio: Get a mentor, and use your personal network. You'll learn the profession from your mentor. 
The above described points are the best suited points which are required to become a good real estate agent. 


30 Jul 2018

Tips To Make Your Real Estate Company on Top

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Starting a property or real estate business is not always an easy task. While, it is considered to be most profitable business in today’s world. Real Estate Companies know that many things are required and important in the real estate business. The strategy of making money from this business should be very much sharp and things need to be done very cleverly. Many crucial things are required to make your real estate business on top.
First and foremost thing which is required is having money in your bank. The Real Estate Company should have sufficient enough amount to run and survive in the property market at least for a year or more. There are many real estate companies in Uttar Pradesh which are doing extremely good in the business. There are many popular names in the business and among them Dreamz Infra Ventures is the best real estate company in Lucknow.  Starting a real estate business needs much of attention. 
The question here is what are the most effective strategies which are required to run a real estate or property business and to make it on top?
There are many effective strategies to run a real estate business and to make this business on top. Real estate business involves very much of attention in buying and selling of a property. A thorough check is required.
Below are the five most demanding and important strategies to grow your real estate business: 
1. Fix it and flip it
Many real estate agents or experts turn to house flipping, they buy house or property and then sell it to get earn profit. Fix it and Flip is done to get an extra income from the property after a stipulated period of time. Residential Properties for Sale in Lucknow is the best suited example of this. 
2. Find hidden, off-market properties
An off-market property (sometimes referred to as a “pocket listing”) might be one owned by those who might be shifting from this place to the other or they don’t need the property now. These types of properties may be available at very affordable cost. 
3. Target the vacation rental market
Let’s talk about how you can make money, or how you can help your clients make money from vacation rentals. Buying a property at tourist place can give you good amount of rental earning regularly. 
4. Stage the property you’re selling
It is a bit difficult to sell an empty house. If you want to earn good amount of money then you to furnish the house first. It attracts the buyer or the property seeker. 
5. Generate leads using direct mailers
Social media marketing is very much required in today’s world whether it is paid or not? Generating of leads is very much required to in the property business. It gives a good data of the property seekers in the area. 


30 Jul 2018

Lucknow Is The Best Place For Buying A Residential Property

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Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and it has always been a multicultural city. Courtly manners, beautiful gardens, poetry, music, and fine cuisine patronized by the Persian-loving Shia Nawabs of the city are well known amongst Indians and students of South Asian culture and history. Lucknow is popularly known for the best property market of Uttar Pradesh, India. 
Lucknow is the heart of the state of Uttar Pradesh. It is leading real estate city of the state. As Lucknow has grown in its development, the real estate market has spread widely in the city. There are various factors which are attracting the property buyers in Lucknow and there are various residential properties for sale at Lucknow. 
Lucknow-Agra Expressway
The Agra Lucknow Expressway is a 302 km tolled controlled-access highway or expressway, constructed by the Uttar Pradesh Expressways Industrial Development Authority to reduce traffic in already congested roads and to reduce pollution and carbon footprint. It is the longest expressway in India.  This also attracts the property lovers.
Lucknow Metro 
Lucknow Metro is a rapid transit system serving the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. Construction of the line began on 27 September 2014 with the 8.5 km (5.3 mi) stretch from Transport Nagar to Charbagh Railway Station began its commercial operation on 5 September 2017 making it the fastest built Metro in the country.
Numerous bridges across Gomti River have been constructed as well as expressways connecting Lucknow to neighbouring cities has made it possible for builders to look at highways as potential realty hotbeds. Trans Gomti region especially Gomti Nagar Phase I, Phase II and Gomti Nagar Extension have been the centre of attraction for both developers and end users. Gomti Nagar not only offers well planned roads and civic infrastructure but the close proximity of the area to the Central Business District (CBD) makes it ideal for commercial activities as well. Sahara Hospital and Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital are two major hospitals located in the Gomti Nagar area.
Lucknow-Faizabad Road 
Lucknow-Faizabad road is the most demanding property site in last 5 years. The development on this site is with a rapid speed. Dreamz Infra Ventures provides the best residential properties for sale at Lucknow Faizabad road.


30 Jun 2018

Best Properties on Faizabad Road Lucknow

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Lucknow-Faizabad Road or Lucknow-Faizabad highway is also experiencing marvelous property or real estate growth and development. On Lucknow Faizabad Road there are many residential plots and Commercial shops available for sale. Residential plots are also available at very low cost for Sale at Lucknow- Faizabad Road. Property lovers and investors can purchase any type of Property, whether commercial or residential on this high-way. Both Residential & Commercial Properties on Lucknow- Faizabad Road are available at very affordable rates.
There are many residential Plots at Faizabad road, Lucknow to invest in. There are various exciting highlights on Lucknow- Faizabad Highway. Newly Built High Court, Shalimar Paradise, Babu Banarsi Das University, Mayo Medical hospital, Shri Ram Swaroop School, City Law College, etc. Different properties on Faizabad Road are attracting the customers or the property lovers to buy or invest in property on this highway. 
Dreamz Jannat-E-Awadhganj
Dreamz Jannat-E-Awadhganj is located on Lucknow-Faizabad Road which has the best amenities as compared with the other property sites. Jannat-E-Awadhganj is conveniently located at Faizabad Road which provides magnificent connectivity and location from all the popular landmarks and places of everyday utility such as hospitals, schools, supermarts, parks, recreational centers etc. 
Jannat-E-Awadhganj is one of the best property site on Faizabad road from which New High Court, BBD University, Shri Ramswaroop College, Saraswati College, BMW/TATA/NISSAN TOYOTA Showrooms, Shalimar Paradise, Mayo Medical College, Hind Medical College, etc are very closely situated. It gives you the best investment option ever. 
Goel Heights
Goel Heights is very attractive and lavished apartment which is situated near or you can say adjacent to Indira Canal on Lucknow-Faizabad Highway. Goel Heights is one of the best apartments which provide flats with all the basic facilities. Goel heights provide luxurious flats at very affordable price. 
BBD Green City
Babu Banarsi Das Green City’s first phase is a premium residential project that celebrates luxurious life in all its dimensions. It is featuring spacious and luxurious 2bhk and 3bhk apartments varying in sizes from 1230 to 1705 sq. Ft. You can’t even imagine a place where leisurely pursuits are always in reach, where convenience or transport is never more than around the corner. 
It has an excellent connectivity with the national highway of Lucknow-Faizabad and classy amenities such as swimming pool, kids play area, jogging track, club house and lots more to enjoy. You won’t even ask for anything else here.